About Us

It is a well-know fact that Mauritians love their bakery products. Thus, successful bread making is of utmost importance! This is why we offer specialised and convenient solutions that cater to all the baking and pastry needs of professionals. The quality of our products allows us to play a key role in the industry.

Serving professionals for more than 30 years

Our Trusted Brands

We offer a complete range of quality ingredients, raw materials and mixes for bakery and pastries for major food production chains, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, retailers and individuals.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, all our partners are scrupulously selected according to very high criteria. We offer an extensive range of readily available ingredients to satisfy all your culinary needs, wether traditional or industrial.


Our taste for excellence, our passion and the outstanding quality of our raw materials are key factors in the success of our products. Our hand-picked products have all been carefully tested in order to offer you the very best for your bakery and the making of your breads.


Our in-depth knowledge of the industry has been shaped by several years of experience. We put this expertise at your service by accompanying you in the development of your recipes with our ingredients until obtaining a perfect finished product. Our administrative team, consultants, sales representatives, as well as bakery and pastry demonstrators, are at your disposal whenever you need them.


Pastry lovers have been treating hundreds of thousands of foodies throughout the region with culinary delights created with our ingredients. You will find in our wide range all the most essential ingredients used by the best chefs and artisans, to prepare all your gourmet recipes and your creative pastries.