All Things Chocolate!

It’s raining chocolate! There’s a reason why chocolate remains constantly among the best-selling ingredient of pastries and cakes. Back in ancient times, the Aztecs thought that chocolate was a gift from the gods. Today, young and old alike crave the lip-smacking richness and decadence of chocolate. Who are we to argue?


It all started in central America…

It All Started In Central America…

It was in this region that the cocoa tree thrived in its natural habitat, centuries ago. After explorers brought it back to Europe in the early 17th century, Europeans started to enjoy chocolate as a beverage. Since then, the whole world hasn’t looked back!

How the Magic Happens!

So, there’s a fruit that grows on a tree that ends up being chocolate? That’s more or less it! The cocoa fruits are harvested, with their pulp and beans collected. They are then left to be fermented so that they develop bitterness. After the pods are dried and roasted, they are winnowed and ground in order to obtain cocoa butter and solids. The resulting stuff is packed and processed into convenient shapes which become your basic edible chocolate ingredients.


The magic of chocolate starts with a fruit

Chocolate in All Its Forms

As chocolate itself is a raw material for innumerable delicacies, it’s necessary for it to be available in numerous forms. Unsweetened chocolate for instance is chocolate in its rawest form. Having at least a percentage of 50-55% of cocoa butter with no sugar added, it is used mostly for baking purposes. Dark chocolate on the other hand is one which does not have milk as an additive. It is also known as semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate, and European standards require it to have a minimum concentration of 35% chocolate liquor. Milk chocolate features a combination of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, milk solids, and lecithin. It is used popularly for decorating cakes and in cookies.


The cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate

Mauritian Wholesaler of Chocolate Ingredients

From cocoa powders to chocolate blocks, from chips to drops of different densities, everything can be already prepared nowadays, so that the job of pastry chefs and food service professionals is facilitated. And as wholesalers for baking and pastry ingredients, we share our passion for all things chocolatey by providing food service businesses and pastry shops with a wide variety of chocolate ingredients!

You will find below a comprehensive list of all chocolate ingredients we provide, for you to prepare your crowd-pleasing choco-delicacies:

  • Multi Swiss Chocolate Mix
  • Cocoa Powder Dark PV6 (70%)
  • Cocoa Powder Dark Brown PV5 (70%)
  • Chocomousse Mix 5
  • Pettina US Brownie Mix
  • Chocolate Vermicell
  • Dark Chockex Blocks
  • Chockex Nibs
  • Chockex Chips (Dark)
  • Chockex Chips (White)
  • Bâtons Boulangers (500 Bâtons Boulangers)
  • 30% Chocolat Blanc (Palets)
  • 44% Gouttes Au Chocolat
  • 64% Chocolat Noir Extra Bitter (Palets)
  • Black Forest Pie Filling
  • Chocolate Dessert Topping
  • Chocolate Paste
  • Chocolate Glaze


Touch base with us so that we can provide you with flavourful chocolate ingredients of your choice! Your chocolate-addict clients will thank you ecstatically and come back for more!