Blend the Flavours

J. RAE & Cie (LA DORADE) has specific equipment for high quality result for each type and stage of production. One of them is our professional mixer with a 7 litres stainless steel bowl, an essential ally for the food industry and perfectly suited for working small and medium quantities.

The Tombake mixer is a robust and powerful machine made of super hardened alloy steel with a 7 litres capacity bowl that can contain up to 1 kg of flour. Its powerful motor manages precisely the 55-200 RPM. Thanks to the inverter drive, speed change is gradual and gentle, providing the user with ideal velocity for each recipe or work phase.

It allows you to mix and knead dough, whisk up mayonnaise or egg whites, homogeneously mix the different constituents of all batters or sauces. In addition to the time and effort saved, it also offers absolute certainty that the desired quality will be obtained each and every time.

tombake 1

Tombake 7 litre mixer, a powerful machine


This mixer is designed for intensive use in confectionery, bakery, restaurant, canteen, cafeteria, laboratory or catering… It can be installed anywhere for professional and semi-professional use or as backup equipment.
As our model is used for small and medium quantities, it also makes it a must-have tool in laboratories for testing new products without food wastage.

If the acquisition of the 7 litres Tombake mixer seems obvious in a restaurant, pastry shop or bakery, it also has its place in a private individual’s kitchen. Our mixer provides a real benefit to demanding individuals looking for durability and professional quality and will exceed expectations for large families, bakers in the making or cooking enthusiasts.


For restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries and also for individuals!

The flat beater, the dough hook and the wire ship are the three accessories offered with our robot to reproduce each specific action of the baker or chef.

  • The flat beater is ideal for the preparation of egg whites or whipped cream and thus serves to mix ingredients thoroughly and quickly. In short, it beats!
  • The wire ship will be particularly useful for liquid and semi-liquid batters, such as icings, but also for more consistent cake dough crumble, shortbread or choux pastry…
  • The dough hook is the perfect tool for baking as it reproduces the planetary motion of dough kneading. It is used to knead leavened dough, pizza dough, bread dough or viennese dough, among others.


tombake 2

The flat beater, the dough hook and the wire ship

By way of example, see what you can do with our MULTIGRAIN BREAD Mix. As it is complete, all you need to do is add yeast (10g) and water (500ml). With the dough hook, knead the mix slowly before increasing the speed for a few minutes. Let rest and then divide the dough into balls.

For a maximum of one kilo mix in the Tombake 7 litres mixer, you should obtain:

  • 6 dough pieces of 250g (demi- baguette)
  • 10 dough pieces of 150g (flute bread)
  • 3 dough pieces of 450 g (loaf)


Let the dough rest again and then place into a fermentation chamber before baking!