Bread Improvers: Magic Ingredients for Effortless Bread Making

Time is of the essence when it comes to bread making. Today, the capacity for bakers to turn out the desired amount of bread at the desired times is just as important as the quality of the loaves produced. This is why bread improvers play such a crucial role in bakery nowadays, making the process much easier on all fronts.

The Why and How of Bread Improvers

Also known as “flour treatment agents”, bread improvers are mixtures of various acids and enzymes that feed the yeast and strengthen the gluten in the flour, to result in a better loaf. They work by stimulating the dough so that it tolerates its time in the machine better, being stronger and more extensible; while the fermentation process is stabilised. The advantages are numerous:

  • They ease and quicken the production process
  • Allow for quality output and standardised end products
  • Much better yields
  • Breads have better shelf life 


Our Range of Indispensable Bread Improvers

In order to facilitate the work of professional bakers in Mauritius, we provide bread improvers in different package sizes, to suit our clients’ operational requirements:

  • AB Mauri Bakerex: available in 2, 5 and 25 kilos packaging
  • Bakels M25: available in 2 and 25 kilos packaging
  • AB Mauri Bake Doh : available in 5 and 25 kilos packaging

If it weren’t for bread improvers, the bread baking experience would be quite different, requiring more attention, labour hours, ultimately resulting in higher costs. And what Mauritians at large consider as an affordable staple food item would very probably be less accessible.

Let’s be thankful we have bread improvers!