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Divali and Halloween: Increase your sales with the celebrations

During this month of October, we are celebrating the magnificent festival of light, Divali. There’s also Halloween, which has been gaining popularity in recent years and has established itself like the favourite spooky time of year. If one thing chefs, bakers, and food professionals know well, is that all forms of celebrations are the perfect occasion to rejoice! As when it’s time to celebrate, customers flock in.

Whatever the celebration, the rule is the same. As people get into the festive mood, their gastronomic senses are stimulated and they are tempted to indulge in all culinary delights. This is the perfect time for you to roll up your sleeves and get busy! Don’t be shy to add a pinch of creativity to your usual offer to impress and retain your customers. Here are our crunchiest secrets to help you optimise your sales on these beautiful days of celebration!

Be in the Know

It is important to be aware of the holiday calendar so you do not miss out on anything, and above all, organize yourself beforehand, to be ready to meet the demand on D-Day. The beautiful festival of Divali is celebrated across Mauritius, and cakes are offered by dozens. Do not miss this wonderful sales opportunity! And do not underestimate the number of parents who will be desperately hunting for scary candies to hand out for Halloween! Again, this is an opportunity to make a juicy turnover.

Be Creative

For Divali, do not hesitate to add a modern touch to your cakes or even some multicoloured vermicelli to add some colour. For eye-catching and original cakes for Halloween, do not hesitate to get some great ideas and inspiration on the net. Even in the world of pastry, it is important to follow ‘fashion trends’. If ghost head muffins are what everyone’s craving for, you must be aware of it in order to meet the demand. The presentation is key for creating the most terrifying treats that will give shivers to your customers!

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Be Proactive

It’s an excellent initiative to offer your customers a menu with a list of cakes and sweets that you can prepare in advance. Give them the opportunity to order their treats a few days before the festivities. This offers a double advantage: you improve your customers’ loyalty, as they will feel reassured that they won’t be running out of cakes when they need it most. On the other hand, not only you will be securing a sale, but you will also be able to better plan your production and be more profitable.

Be Super Productive

To help you prepare a large variety of beautiful (or scary!) and scrumptious treats in no time, we put at your disposal an infinite variety of products. Pastry mixes to prepare muffins, cookies and cakes, dessert mixes, sugar pastes, dyes, almonds, chocolate in all its forms, toppings, etc. we have absolutely everything you need to make your life easier. Explore our website and you will be delighted!

We wish you wonderful celebrations! Now, get cracking and preheat that oven!