baking ingredients mother's day

How Mother’s Day can make YOUR day?

On May 26, the last Sunday of the month, as the entire island celebrates mothers of all ages, families will gather to share some special time with the mom they cherish. This is the perfect time for you, pastry chefs, to roll up your sleeves and prepare your best treats that will delight all moms and those celebrating with them.

To make the most of this day, the key is to get organised on time. By using our ready-to-use mix, you can offer a delicious selection of sweet things, prepared in no time. Here are our suggestions to make this special day profitable.

The Must-Have Desserts

It’s a well-known fact that all traditional Sunday gathering end with a scrumptious dessert. There are some classics in the list of favourites, like a tiramisu or an airy chocolate or strawberry mousse. You can also offer luscious cheesecakes. All you need to do is mix 500 g of our cheesecake mix and 500 ml of water at high speed for 6 minutes only. You can then garnish them in a thousand different ways if you wish, with chocolate shavings, orange zest or even kiwi slices.

Beautiful Little Cakes

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to treat moms. Your customers will certainly be tempted by heart-shaped brownies. With our brownie mix, you can prepare a good amount in no time, just by adding water and eggs. It’s no secret, all moms love flowers. Be creative and make a bunch of cupcakes shaped like roses. No stress, with our muffin mixes, making delectable cupcakes is child’s play!

baking ingredients mother's day

Appetising Cakes

Cakes are a must to celebrate moms. Chocolate fondants, beautiful sponge cakes or mouthwatering black forests, you can do everything easily and quickly with our mixes. Do not skimp on the decoration. The best-decorated cakes will be the most wanted ones! Do not forget to write “Happy Mother’s Day” with icing sugar.

Fillings and Toppings – Feast for the eyes and taste buds

Surprise your customers with delicious and unusual flavours, ranging from blueberry to black cherry to raspberry for your pies and cake fillings. Add a dose of yumminess to your sweet creations with our dessert fillings. Strawberry, mango or caramel, we offer you a very large choice! Make your cakes a feast for the eyes as well, with our white and coloured sugar paste, our frostings (white, gold, silver, chocolate and apricot), or icing! Indeed, we thought of everything!

Irresistible chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, and moms are the biggest choco addicts ever! Don’t be shy when using chocolate! In bites, desserts or cakes, chocolate in all its forms is always a winning recipe.

And now it’s up to you to make this special day as memorable for your customers and for you!