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How to make the best profit during the festive season.

It’s the holiday season again, filled with joy, festivities and goodies to eat. It is also the most wonderful time of the year for all those in the bakery, pastry or catering business to earn much more than some extra dough fast. In order to help you in your mission, we will share with you our secret ingredients so you can prepare crowd-pleasing recipes.

All you need is love … and our mixes.

Your love for what you do is crucial. It’s your best time to shine and be generous in your creations. Don’t be scared to spoil your clients with an extra cherry or a thicker layer of chocolate, as it’s these sweet little attentions that will make them come back for seconds! Now, to help you kick things into high gear, we have a complete selection of ready to use bakery and pastry mixes, as well as all the complementary ingredients you need to create the most appetising products ever. Here we go!

Delicious Bread

Freshly baked bread will be in high demand during the holiday season. They are served from breakfast to dinner, including tea time, and will be part of every single picnic or barbecue party. In order to offer a complete range, take advantage of our bakery mixes and prepare a wide variety in a jiffy. Don’t forget the fancier bread like gluten-free, ciabatta, salsa or multi-grain!

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Festive Cakes

The holiday season is all about baking and there’s no celebration without a cake. People are in a happy mood and eager to sink their teeth into a delicious little cake or two. Christmas tree brownies, Christmas Yule logs, and cookies for Santa are just some of the festive sweets that come to mind. No matter what people celebrate, your next few weeks will likely be dominated by cakes. To help you prepare unforgettable treats, we offer everything that you need: pastry mixes ranging from sponge cakes to Red Velvet cake mix and brownies, as well as fillings, frosting, toppings and icing of all sorts and flavours. You can really get creative and create masterpieces. 

Scrumptious Desserts

The star of every festive gathering is the dessert. With the kitchen in full-on production mode, you need every tip and trick to make your job easier. Check out our favourite time-saving mixes that you can use to make this season’s desserts the best ever. We’ve rounded up everything from the year-round basics like chocolate mousse and Tiramisu. We also offer chocolate in all its forms, and pieces of real fruits to add extra yumminess to your treats. 

You now have all what you need to prepare your best selection of bread, cakes and desserts that will look beautiful among your clients’ festive spreads. To end on a sweet note, we wish you the best of success for a great festive season! Best wishes!