Improve your dessert buffets with these mixes!

Whether you are a Pastry Chef in a hotel or restaurant or even a caterer, you know that a good meal is not complete without a delectable dessert. In the world of sweet pleasures where dessert is king, you need variety and quality, knowing that your customers will judge you to the last bite. If you are looking for an easy and effective way to improve your dessert buffets, we have all the ready-to-use mixes and products you need to help you in that mission.

Scrumptious Desserts

Dessert and pleasure are inextricably linked… To attract new customers, improve your reputation and also renew your selection, you must value impulsive purchase! Review your desserts menu through fresh eyes. Keep your classic favourites, but add to your list some light desserts that are always very appreciated, such as chocolate or strawberry mousse, a creamy tiramisu, or fluffy cheesecakes. Want the recipe? All you need is already in our ready to use mixes! Shhh. It’s a secret!

An Extra Layer of Yumminess

Try to think outside the box and add some interest to classic desserts. Adding a raspberry sauce to your traditional cheesecake or white and black chocolate chips to your mousses and desserts will certainly make them far more appealing. Be bold and add generous flavours to your recipes with our great selection of fillings, frosting, toppings and icing. Our fruit fillings are made with real pieces of fruit and come in unusual flavours such as blueberries or black cherries, which will arouse your customers’ curiosity. Let your imagination go wild with our dessert fillings which range from chocolate to caramel and exotic fruits. 

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Heavenly Cakes 

There are definitely a lot of occasions that call for cake, big or small. With our mixes ranging from moist brownies to Red Velvet cake, prepare all the most popular cakes in a jiffy. Do not skimp on presentation, as a cake is eaten first with the eyes! Get creative: the decorating opportunities are numerous. To help you make them irresistible, we offer a whole range of complementary ingredients such as almonds, dyes and flavours, as well as sugar pastes that will allow you to create real masterpieces.

All things chocolate!

There are many recipes whose main ingredient is chocolate. Why? Because this magic ingredient has the power to turn any cake or dessert into bites of paradise. However,  it must be of excellent quality, otherwise, the result may be very disappointing. That’s why we carefully selected our range of dark or white chocolate of all types, to enhance your recipes.

Don’t forget that you can even come and try your recipes with our products, in our laboratory! We hope that we have made your mouth water and that we will see you soon!