Complementary Ingredients

We offer all the indispensable complementary ingredients in many forms and packaging options to suit the needs of our parter bakers, pastry cooks and passionate professionals of the food industry.

These ingredients improve the quality of the finished product, give a personal touch and facilitate daily production.


Additional baking ingredients

Oregano Seed
• Available in 1 kg

Pitted black olives
• Available in 3 kg packs

• Available in 1 and 3 kg

Tomatoes for Pizzas
• Available in 5 kg

• Available in 50 kg

Black jack
• Available in 5 L


Additional pastry ingredients

• Almond powder, tapered and whole
• Available in 1 kg

Multicolored Vermicelli
• Available in 1 and 5 kg
• Use: for your decorations

Strawberry jelly
• Available in 5 kg
• Application: inclusion in your desserts, creams, mousses and decorations

Lubricating emulsion for cake pans and trays
• Available in 5 and 25 kg

Dyes and flavours:
• Liquid concentrate dyes and flavours with lime, chocolate, banana and strawberry
• Vanilla extract
• Coffee extract
• Red dye
• Available in 1 kg or 1 L

Sliced Fruits
• Sliced apples
• Sliced pineapple
• Available in 3 kg packs

Lime juice
• Available in 2 L

Powdered coconut
• Available in 3 kg packs

Powdered egg white (Actiwhite)
• Available in 4 kg packs

Pecan nuts
• Available in 5 kg

Mixed dried raisins
• Available in 2 and 15 kg