Pastry Ingredients

“Pastry and love are the same.” Christian Bobin, French poet

Bread is one of the world’s oldest foods and was invented during the Neolithic era, when a man had the brillant idea to put lumps of dough on hot stones. Bread soon became synonymous with life itself.  Over the centuries, and with the discovery of new ingredients, the craft became more precise and the first “patéiers” (pastry cooks) made their appearance. With the growing number of new creations, flavours and ingredients, pastry and bakery have evolved enormously over the centuries. Discover the wide range we have in store for all your recipes.

Pastry Mixes

The use of ready-to-use mixes (also known as pastry mixes) greatly simplifies the pastry-maker’s work, especially for the preparation of delicious sponge cake, our Mauritian massepain, muffins and brownies. You can then add your own favourite ingredients, such as chocolate chips, dried fruits, almonds or fruit filling.


Our Pastry Mixes:

Sponge Cake (Génoise)
• Available in 5, 12.5 and 15 kg
• Mixed products: plain and chocolate

American Brownies
• Available in 5 and 12,5 kg
• Ready for all inclusions (almonds, walnuts, orange peels, …)

• Available in 5 and 25 kg
• Available flavours: plain and whole wheat
• Ready for all inclusions (chocolate chips, etc.)

• Available in 10 kg
• Available flavours: plain
• Ready for all inclusions (chocolate chips etc)

Waffles and pancakes
• Available in 5 kg
• Available flavours: nature

Red Velvet Cake Mix
• Available in 12.5 kg

• Available in lodging of 12.5 kg
• Available flavours: plain

Cake of Madeira (massepain)
• Available in 25 kg
• Available flavours: plain
• Ready for all inclusions (fruits, dried, chocolate chips etc)


Mousse and Dessert Mixes

Our mousses and desserts mixes offer you the possibility to prepare delicious desserts and confections, as well as to create cream pies or muffins filling.

Our mousse and dessert mixes include gourmet and ready-to-use mixes for:

• Mousse for Tiramisu
• Strawberry mousse
• Chocolate mousse
• Cheesecake that do not require cooking
• Cold pastry cream
• Hot custard cream

All preparations are available in 5 and 20 kg except the hot pastry cream which is in 10 kg packaging minimum.


Fillings, frosting, toppings and icing

Made from high quality raw materials, our fillings have been carefully selected to offer you an unique and authentic taste. These delectable products are perfect for creating new and appetising recipes. Our scrumptious fruit fillings contain pieces of fruit and are just what you need inside or on top of your tarts and cakes.

Pie and cake toppings
• Available in 2.7 kg: Blueberries, Black Cherries, Red Cherries, Strawberries
• Available in 6 kg: Strawberries, Kiwis, Passion Fruit, Raspberries
• Strawberry toppings available in 5 kg
• Fruit fillings contain real pieces of fruit

Dessert Fillings
Flavours: Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry
Available in 1 kilo

Sugar paste (Pettinice Icing)
• Sugar paste available in red, black and white
• Color sugar paste in 1 kg size
• White sugar paste available in 3 kg

White Fondant:
Available in 15 kg

Available in neutral, white, gold, silver and chocolate
Format: 5 kg

Apricot flavoured icing


Everyone goes crazy for cocoa and chocolate recipes! The good news is that they are usually quite easy to make. A scrumptious mousse, a chocolate fondant or a molten lava cake are sure to make any chocoaddicts melt. Who can resist a slice of moist chocolate cake? Brownies and cookies are also all time favourite.

We have a delicious range to suit all your chocolicious creations:

• 1 and 5 kg

Blocks of dark chocolate
• 5 kg

Crushed Chocolate available in dark and white
• 5 and 10 kg

Chocolate chips
• 5 and 10 kg
• Available in dark chocolate

Chocolate Drops 44%
• 5 and 10 kg

Discs extra dark 64%
• 5 kg

Chocolate powder
• Type PV5 and PV6, 70%
• 2 and 25 kg

Baking Sticks
• Box of 500 sticks