Pains Spéciaux

It’s time for some change in your bakery

Confinement is over! People are leaving their homes in droves, and their appetite for life has never been greater. As everyone is in the mood for change, there’s never been a better time to try adding something a little different on your shelves to please your customers … such as new types of bread.

These so-called special breads offer new and different flavours to your average loaf and will put a bread crumb filled smile on your customer’s lips. So without further ado, here are a few you can prepare with our ready-made mixes.

Ciabatta, the Italian Bread

When French baguettes started becoming readily available – and very popular – in Italy, local bakers knew they had to come up with something special to secure their livelihood. The answer was Ciabatta. Created in 1982 by Venitian Arnaldo Cavallari, the Ciabatta bread took the world by storm. This crunchy bread with its tell-tale alveolar holes has a higher humidity count than other bread and is made from olive oil.

Many regions of Italy now have their own variations of the original recipe, so why not get creative and make yours with our Ciabatta Mix? We guarantee you’ll get it done in a jiffy.

Oh, and if your customers are wondering what they can use Ciabatta for, here’s what you can tell them: Ciabatta is ideal for sandwiches and Italian delicatessen mozzarella and grilled vegetables, or even with jam, it adapts to all tastes.

No Gluten Please!

As consumers become more health-conscious, dozens of gluten-free bread brands have sprung up in supermarkets and health food stores.

A product of the low-carb food trends of the mid 90s gluten-free bread is now back and bigger than ever. To get in on the trend, our gluten-free flour is just what you need. You can use it in all kinds of recipes such as with muffins or cookies to sweeten your tea breaks (oh, who are we kidding, enjoy them at any time you want!)

Go Multigrain!

Did you know that between 1989 and 1994 in the United States, multigrain bread was one of the fastest-growing markets in the baking industry? Prepared with two or more types of what, this bread is packed with nutritional benefits … and not to mention very tasty. In other words, they would make a great addition to your shelves so go and be creative and make your own with our multigrain bread mix. With winter slowly settling in, your customers won’t find better than a slice of multigrain to dip into their hot soups. It also works great as an accompaniment to meat or vegetable-based dishes.

Pains Spéciaux

Let’s try some Rye!

Surprise your bread-loving customers with rye bread. Full of fibre, mineral salts and vitamins and overall good for your health, this bread is very popular in Europe and Germany and with good reason.

It originated in Asia and was introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages and to the United States via northern Europeans. This bread is still relatively unknown in Mauritius, so it’s sure to surprise most people’s taste buds (especially when paired with seafood or fish). Interested in trying it? Then take a look at our rye flour mix.

We hope our selection pushes you to get more creative with the bread you offer. Discover all our products here and contact us for your orders and product deliveries.