La Dorade, Your Trustful Partner For Christmas

Festive season is upon us and we know what this means for bakers: an influx of orders! It certainly won’t be long before you get overwhelmed and find it difficult to keep your sanity with multiple clients with various dates, requests, deadlines and orders to juggle. Why not let us give you a helping hand this year? 

Between the addition and blending of ingredients in the exact amount required to ensuring that the temperature is set right, we, of all people know how challenging the job of a baker can be! Now, we imagine how much more difficult it will be to meet the surge in demand during the upcoming busy holiday season. 

Let’s talk about the problem solver…

Imagine being able to prepare a selection and large quantity of breads and Viennese baked goods with as minimum as 2 or 3 ingredients, without the need for any laborious preparation while achieving consistent quality of the baked goods… Sounds like a real lifesaver when time is of the essence, right? In fact, these are the exact conveniences you will be able to enjoy if you resort to using our delectable mixes and premixes!

Mix and win!

Now that you’ve got a clear picture of how our ready-made mixtures can greatly facilitate your job, let’s go through our favorite ones for Christmas! 

Bakers and pastry chefs, we’ve got you covered this Christmas!

Bread is a very important element on the table of a Christmas dinner.

With our wide range of bread premixes you’ll be able to satisfy all the different tastes of your clients; from the health conscious one to the spice lovers and even those who are allergy prone! Make grains breads, buns, focaccia bread and much more… Also, it is worth mentioning that, our high quality yeast used hand in hand with our bread improver will unfailingly simplify your work and give you a finished product that tastes just as good as it looks!

Aside from bread, it’s equally important to have a couple of sweet goodies as desserts!
Our variety of delicious pastry mixes adapts to everyone’s needs. Muffins, brownies, mousses, sponge cakes… we can’t seem to be able to put our finger on the one which your clients would fall for since we just love all of them!

In addition to our mixes: our toppings, fillings, white fondant among others will undoubtedly be your allies and provide the perfect complement to mouth-watering baked products with proper consistency, softness and texture.

This year opt for our easy-to-use ingredients to keep your overall cheerfulness in the bakery and most importantly, serve your client with a smile!