La Dorade’s Little Sister

A happy birthday to our little sister, La Boutique Gourmande! Born on the 2nd of February 2016 in the cradle of Garden Village, Route du Jardin, Curepipe, La Boutique Gourmande is a commercial branch of J.Rae & Cie La Dorade that’s open to the general public.


At the Very Beginning of the Adventure

The raison d’être of La Boutique Gourmande comes from the desire to offer individuals the opportunity to purchase our products in smaller packaging options than what we propose to professionals. Indeed, while we specialise in providing ingredients to baking, pastry and food business companies; La Boutique Gourmande’s outlet in Curepipe allows experts and newbies in pastry-making to go see the products, seek advice from the sales assistant, and of course purchase said commodities in appropriate packaging sizes. Another difference also lies in the fact that La Boutique Gourmande focuses on pastry ingredients and accessories, while the sale of ovens and industrial cooking machines is the prerogative of J.Rae & Cie La Dorade.

A Little Shop, a Wide Variety of Products

Someone’s having a pancake party at his place? He can get a ready-to-use mix that will render the preparation beyond simple! Chocolate muffins? Our mixes for muffins are already famous, whereas chocolate drops and discs with different degrees of concentration are available! Customers only need to pick the product of their choice among the assortment of merchandise available, that range from grains used in baking to multi-coloured frostings, not forgetting decorative nonpareils and gluten-free ingredients!

In addition, cake design enthusiasts can find decorative elements such as cupcake holders, sugar pastes of assorted colours and cooking equipment such as silicone moulds. With all this, there is no doubt that the pastry-party will be a complete success!

La_Boutique_Gourmande_19Ecstatic Clients

At J.Rae & Cie La Dorade, we maintain a quality-oriented culture at all levels, and the same goes for La Boutique Gourmande! By the same token, our sales assistant is happy to advise customers on the products best suited to their needs. And it is with great pride that we welcome the positive feedback of extremely pleased clients on the Facebook page of La Boutique Gourmande.

Go pay a visit to our little sister in Curepipe, and use this opportunity for a nice walk in the neighbouring botanical garden if you want! She will be your accomplice when it comes to baking your delightful creations, bringing you happiness and fun by pleasing your sweet tooth!


La Boutique Gourmande

Garden Village, 21 Sir Winston Churchill Street (Route du Jardin),
Curepipe 74536

Tel : +230 670 2315 / 5 937 7691

Open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

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