Met lafaya dan katora and boost your sales!

In the food business, whether you are a baker, a pastry chef or a caterer, it’s a love story between you and the one who will taste your creations. And if you want your products to sell like hot cakes, you have to make an effort to master the game of seduction.

Indeed, it is the little extras that make a big difference for your customers. And if you can please their taste buds, they will certainly come back for more. On the other hand, if you disappoint them, they will go elsewhere. Here are our tips to make them happy on a daily basis, and how to “met lafaya” on your shelves!

1- A look that makes your mouth water
The importance of food presentation is crucial to attract customers. Don’t be scared to be creative and think “eye candy”! Remember that people eat with their eyes first. For bread, as for pastries and desserts, the aim of the game is to make mouths water! Chocolate toppings or strawberry fillings, mix up the colours and textures to create some visual delight! For your cakes, sugar paste offers endless possibilities for decorations and the wide selections of cookie cutters make your work even easier.

2- Constant quality levels
A bread made with stale flour or a cake that is too dry can kill the whole customer experience. Unfortunately, no mistakes are allowed. When people think of a bakery store, they think of fresh products. They must find the same pleasure every time they bite into one of your treats. How can you be sure of offering them impeccable quality? With our bakery and pastry mixes, you can be assured that you will achieve the same standard of taste and quality, with each batch. In addition, you will also save a lot on preparation time, which you can use to work on the decoration of cakes or desserts.

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3- A varied selection
Gluten-free is the new celebrity on the shelves, and is more and more in demand. As well as country bread, ciabatta or salsa bread. In the pastry department, macarons, cupcakes and muffins are given pride of place, alongside more traditional cakes. It is therefore important that you are aware of demand and trends. Make your life easier with our mixes! From gluten-free flour to muffin mix, you will find everything you need under our roof.

4- The final touch
A few sesame seeds on your baguettes, a cherry on top of a cake, chocolate shavings on a dessert, it’s all these little treats that make the difference between you and your competitors. Remember, the way to your customers’ heart is through their stomach. It always pays off when you make them happy.

Would you like more advice? One of our demonstrators can even come to your premises and coach you in the use of new ingredients you selected, while using different cooking methods adapted to each recipe. You now have all the ingredients to succeed!