Mother’s Day: The birth of new culinary traditions…

Just a few days left before Mother’s Day! Stock up on our mixes and pre-mixes and make delicious desserts and other colorful cakes to celebrate all the mothers out there!

CheesecakeSome traditions have been around forever: Eating crepes for Candlemas; devouring a good galette at Epiphany and when Easter comes engulfing Easter eggs chocolates. It’s a fact though that Mother’s Day doesn’t come with any delicious tradition. Never mind; let your creativity run free and establish your own traditions! Your bakery’s window is waiting for your desserts and other colorful cakes to celebrate all the mothers out there! We offer you a pinch of inspiration from our mixes, pre-mixes and quality ingredients so that your production is ready on time to celebrate the first woman in everyone’s life…

Time is running out, only a few days left before Mother’s Day. Are you afraid of not being ready on time? Opt for our mixes and pre-mixes! Not only will your pastry shop window be full of pastries on D-Day, but, in addition, the icing on the cake, they will be delicious. The mixes allow you to offer original recipes, flavors and textures while ensuring the preservation of the finished product. A variety of mixes, adapted to the needs of every one, is suggested to you.

GenoiseThe use of mixes simplifies, in fact, a lot the work of the baker, especially for the sponge cake, which can be tricky. Our “Multiswiss” mix, which has been on the Mauritian market for more than 10 years, is well appreciated and used by pastry chefs. This sponge cake is light and fluffy and comes in two flavors – chocolate and vanilla –is available in egg-free type and is ideal for laying sugar paste. Get creative with fantastic cake decoration that mothers love! Especially since we offer other gourmet products that will easily fit in your decorations: white royal icing, colored plastic icing or coating chocolate among others.

piesFor mothers who have a preference for desserts, we also offer mixes for tiramisu, strawberry or chocolate mousse and cheesecake. She’s a little more traditional? Brownies, muffins, lemon cake and choux pastry (with our cold custard cream) are also available. A good pie is also always fun! Be original and garnish yours with blueberry, black cherry, strawberry, pineapple-coconut, kiwi or passion fruit. Made from high quality raw materials, these products have been carefully selected to offer you an authentic taste and a unique product. Culinary adventure is not your cup of tea? Our aromas and essences (banana, chocolate, lemon, among others) will bring a new flavor to your traditional cakes.

It is not too late, contact us and together we will find something to delight the taste buds of all mothers.