National Day: the cakes you need!

Every year on the 12th of March, Mauritius celebrates its National Day commemorating its independence. And as it is a public holiday, the festivities held in schools or businesses usually begin one day ahead. For everyone across the island, this day off is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends. And as every celebration ends with something sweet, it’s time for bakers to roll up your sleeves and dress up their windows in the colours of our dear flag.

The orders will soon be flowing in and to help you in your task, here are some ideas to offer a nice selection of traditional or creative cakes, in honour of our country.

Sponge Cakes put on a show

As its name suggests, this light and delicious cake is made of several layers of sponge cake, separated by a nice serving of delicious cream. Depending on what you want, the cream can be flavoured with vanilla, chocolate, or coconut. Do not hesitate to show your patriotic side and go for a layered flag cake.

Start with a layer of red cake, cover with cream, then add a layer of blue cake, followed by a layer of cream and so on. You can then cover the cake with a beautiful icing that stays in the theme. With its successive layers of colour, this cake will look amazing when cut.

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Cupcakes

Cupcakes are not in the list of traditional cakes but since their appearance in the country their popularity spread quickly and has never ceased to grow. With our sponge cake mix, you can prepare a good amount in no time. Add chocolate chips or whatever tickles your fancy. There are no rules in cupcake making, as long as it tastes delicious! You can let the artist in you take over and cover them with a delicious glaze in the colours of the country. You can also place small Mauritian flags on their top!

The Cake of Madeira Shows Its National Colours

For the festivities, why not try one of the great classics such as the famous cake of Madeira, also called “Massepain” or “gâteau français”, which has been a great favourite with Mauritians since always. Available in 25 kilos packaging, our mixes allow you to prepare several cakes very easily. As our mixes offer a plain flavour, you can add flavourings and any inclusions you want such as dried fruits, chocolate chips or even crushed almonds. This cake is very easily decorated with sugar paste that you can dye in our national colours. Draw a flag or write a wish, as long as the result looks good.

Cookies Are All Dressed Up

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Cookies are everyone’s all-time-fav. With our ready-to-use mixes, make perfect cookies that are moist in the inside and crunchy on the outside, in a jiffy. Be creative and decorate them with sugar paste or red, blue, yellow and green icing, so that they look just as good as they taste.

For this festive moment to be profitable, it is essential to be well prepared. Save a lot of time with our mixes, while offering quality products to your customers. Contact us now to stock up and be ready to get behind the stove.