Original baking recipes to sweeten your Independence Day

For Independence Day, you can be sure of two things: The first is that people all over the island will be celebrating, and the second is that there will definitely be something “sweet” at the table to enjoy for lunch or dinnertime.

So, in honour of our national day, we’ve decided to share some ideas and tips to help you create cakes and sweets dressed in the colours of our national flag. Ready, get set, bake!

Patriotic cookies!

As the country gets ready to celebrate, the colours of our national flag are everywhere to be seen; whether that’s on the side mirrors of cars, or on the rooftops of homes across the country.

So why not infuse these beautiful colours into the frosting of your next batch of cookies?
You can prepare delicious cookies in no time at all with our ready-made mixes. Available in 10 kg packages, our mixes are ready to welcome anything you would like to add to them, including dried raisins, nuts, or chocolate chips. To add the colours of our national flag, just use a splash of red, blue, yellow, and green colouring and all that’s left is to serve.

Cupcakes Made in Mauritius!

For this one, we’re adapting an American favourite to represent the colours of our island. To bring our national colours to the fore, make sure you use various colourings (we have red available!) for an additional wow effect. The easiest way to make your cupcakes is to grab one of our muffin mixes, add ¼ cup of icing in a bowl, then pour in the various colourings. Once the muffins are ready, let them cool down and then add the icing with a piping bag, and the job is done!

Our local macaroons

The macaron is now one of the most popular pastries in Mauritius. So for Independence Day, why not decorate these tasty treats in our national red, blue, yellow and green? To help you do so, you can use our almond powder and our egg white powder (Actiwhite). To share the festive cheer with your guests, just put the four macarons in small bags of happiness for your guests to take away.

Colourful Pies

It’s hot these days, which makes pies the perfect “sweet fix” as they’re delicious and refreshing. To tie your pies in with the theme of independence, choose our red cherry, blueberry, passion fruit, and kiwi toppings. We guarantee they’re a treat for both the taste buds and the pupils!

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Sugar Paste

When it comes to getting creative, sugar pastes offer a world of possibilities. And, the best part is, you don’t even have to prepare it yourself any more! Now, you can focus on being creative and creating something wonderful for Independence Day. We’ve handled the rest for you.

Just cover your cupcakes, with hearts, stars, fireworks … anything goes as long as the four colours of our flag are represented (we have red sugar paste and as for the other colours, you just need to dye our white sugar paste, with the colour of your choice!)

So, excited about Independence Day yet? Go ahead and visit our site to find all the ingredients mentioned above and get ready to celebrate!