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Our cures from the winter blues

Colder months are upon us and with the slight nip in the air, we tend to retreat indoors in the comfort of our home, searching for warmth around the kitchen. We bring you a few treats to uplift your clients’ mood without having to cook up a storm.

Coffee, Pancakes and Sunday mornings

Sleepy Sunday mornings are the best occasions to create memories.  We have what it takes to allow big and small family members to enjoy a laid-back family brunch at your bakery or coffee shop and celebrate their warming weekends with our scrumptious pancake mix. To allow them to focus on the gathering and on things that matter most, we have already tweaked your batter with our ready-to-use pancake or waffle mix. By simply adding water to our natural flavour mix, you can easily customize our brunch staple, adding toppings and fillings as you desire. When it comes to dressing them up with toppings and fillings, the list is endless, from fruits and berries, to chocolate chips, shredded coconut and of course the undeniable maple syrup, there is something for everyone. That being said and done, your customers’  fluffy and tender breakfast will be ready in mere minutes. All is left is to flip and stack!

pastry ingredients winter

Fancy some bread with your soup?

Who doesn’t crave a warm hearty bowl of soup and the unmistakable slice of bread to mop up all the goodness? Indeed bread and soup is the perfect pair for dipping and dunking on a cold winter evening. That’s why we have your bread covered with our long list of bakery premixes for everyday breads such as loaves, rolls and baguettes. Available as ready-to-use or concentrated form, our premixes only require the addition of some staple ingredients to get the final product. You can vamp it up with our bread seeds selection such as sesame, sunflower and flax seeds for added nutritional value to make your bread even more wholesome. Because bread is magic and science all in one, transform our dough into your bread and loaf it up with our bread essentials.

What’s for dessert?

Did you say dessert? Winter is the perfect time for comfort food and decadence. Needless to say that we need more calories during winter to produce body heat and let’s be real, to soothe our souls. That is all the more reason to satisfy your clients’ sweet tooth and indulge in our gourmet dessert mixes whether they are dessert aficionados or just plain amateurs. Our pastry-selection of ready-to-use mixes from our mousse mixes, cheese cake to our famous red velvet cake mix are the perfect cures from the winter blues.  Not that anyone need to be talked into eating desserts but our selection of mixes will make for a short and sweet, not to mention simple process all the while guaranteeing exquisite quality. All you have to do is add your  personal touch with your choice of fillings, frostings, toppings or icings. So the question is not whether there will be dessert but rather what dessert to choose from!