Step up to the plate

The holiday season is the least relaxed time of the year for bakers and Pastry Chefs, as the demand goes sky high.  But it’s also the best period to reach the best sales figures.

Make your life easier

To help you meet the festive season demand, we offer a wide choice of bakery and pastry mixes and premixes that will make you save a considerable amount of time, while guaranteeing a product of high quality.  Our products have been especially made for industrial production and are ready to use; all you need to do is add a few basic ingredients.

buns la dorade

Breads are ready to roll

The demand for all kinds of bread will rise as quickly as the summer temperature! It’s time to turn the oven on! To help you out, we have mixes and premixes essential for the making of everyday breads, for example, with a box of 25 kg (5% bread mix) you can get 1150 loaves. For the more “fancy” ones such as multi-grain, rustic or gluten-free, we also have all that you need. Our pack of 25 kg of gluten free will make approximately 192 pieces of 250 g (bread tins).

Party delights

Sweet treats, including the traditional Christmas yule log, will be guests of honour on every  festive occasions. With our mixes and premixes, prepare these in a jiffy. On the menu: delicious mixes for scrumptious pastries, irresistible mousses, desserts, fillings, toppings and icings. To give you an idea, our bag of brownie will produce 260 square portions brownie of 76 g approximately. Our 5 kg Tiramisu Mousse Mix will give 15 kg of final product.

Make everyone happy with our products, starting with yourself, as you will be able to make the most of the festive season, and your customers who will indulge in your mouth-watering products.