La dorade pastries and bakeries ingredients

The recipe for productivity and profitability

To be a successful caterer, you need to offer a wide range of appealing treats. How to meet the growing demand while optimising your production at a lower cost? To simplify your life, we provide a wide choice of ready-to-use pastry mixes to boost your productivity, increase your turnover and finally, allow you to offer scrumptious gourmet buffets to your guests.

The advantage of “ready-to-use.”

It is a well-known fact that time is money. Ideal for those in the food industry, our easy ready-to-use products will make you save on preparation time and manpower, while providing quality products that meet your expectations, without compromising on the quality and taste of the finished product.

Our authentic American mixes

Brownies, cookies or muffins are all-time favourites. Prepare them in a jiffy with our delicious mixes. For example, to make brownies, just add water and eggs.
A bag of 12.5 kg will make 260 brownies of 76 g. A 25 kg bag of Muffin Mix will produce 500 muffins of around 80 g and can also be used to create the ever-popular cupcakes, which are much appreciated in celebrations such as weddings and corporate parties.  A large amount can thus be prepared in no time. Simply add some almonds, pecans or chocolate chips to add your personal touch and decorate according to the theme of your event.

La dorade ingredients bakeries and pastries

All-time favourite cakes

You have been booked to cater for a Garden party? It’s the perfect occasion to set up buffet of delicious pastries. Prepare delicious sponge cake, waffles, pancakes, Red Velvet cake or scones that you can customise to your liking. To make the delicious and traditional Mauritian madeira, simply add water and eggs to the mix. You can add extra flavours with additional ingredients, such as dried fruits.
A bag of 25 kg will not produce less than 80 cakes of 450g roughly.

For elaborate desserts

For events, choose sweet, simply irresistible bite-size treats that can be picked up and savoured in a single mouthful. Offer to your customers a mouth-watering and creative selection of cakes and desserts. Successfully prepare Tiramisus, chocolate mousse, cheesecakes, or profiteroles. Our 5 kg Tiramisu mousse mix will produce as much as 15 kg of delicious mousse. For the final touch, we also offer ready-to-use mixes for your fillings, frosting, toppings and icing as well as sugar pastes.

Whatever your needs to make your services even better, our products have all been created to offer you the best options that will seduce and retain your customers.