Time for some Christmas cooking!

For this Christmas, create some scrumptious gourmet yule logs for your customers, inspired by your favorite festive recipes: filled with cream, sprinkled with colourful sugar drops, or beautifully decorated with little characters … Give free rein to your imagination! We have everything you need to help you make the most beautiful logs:

Our mixes and premix pastry for your bases

Easy to prepare, convenient and efficient, our mixes for vegetarian genoise, vanilla and chocolate and Red Velvet cake offer the perfect base.  The result is always of consistent quality, bake after bake. Successfully make your cake dough perfectly and in no time!

Our Fillings

Take your fillings to the next level with our mixes worthy of a master chef! Prepare delicious fillings in record time with our wide choice of mixes : blueberry, black cherry or passion fruit, we have flavours to please all your customers.

la dorade get ready for christmas

Our Essences

Are you teeming with ideas to scent your logs? Just a few drops are enough to unleash a world of flavours: lemon, chocolate, banana and strawberry concentrated aroma as well as vanilla and lemon essence. Our mousses are dense, rich and smooth, but at the same time airy and light – ideal for filling your logs.

Our icings

Use a mirror glaze to give a professional touch to your logs. For a gourmet result, opt for melted chocolate. Pastry white fondant, icing sugar or cream; choose the topping and icing that will make your logs irresistible.

The cherry on the cake…

For Christmas Yule log as delicious to eat as it is pretty to look at, do not neglect the decoration. Sprinkle with chocolate chips, sugar pearls or pecan nuts. You can even create some cute snowmen with our plastic icing. We offer a variety of delicious little things for a sublime decoration.

Contact us and we will get you all that you need to prepare the most beautiful yule log cakes Christmas has ever known.