Top 5 Best Desserts for Christmas and New Year!

What better way of ending the year than on a sweet note? A sweet ending for a new beginning, one could say… To nurture your inspiration, and let’s be honest, make your life a little bit easier, we’ve established a Top 5 of the best desserts for Christmas and New Year. The busy pastry professionals that you are will most definitely appreciate the icing on the cake: you can find the mixes, fillings, frosting and toppings for those deserts all under one roof, ours.

1 – Yule Log Cake

We’ll start with the classic yule log cake. It’s not super original but you will agree that it’s a must. Our sponge cake mix is the perfect base for a soft and moist Christmas log. Pair it with one of our dessert fillings; Chocolate for the ones who like a good classic or mango for the more adventurous tropical loving ones. Some cold pastry cream is also a delicious and rich option. You can go crazy on the decoration, we’ve got your covered: chocolate, frosting (even gold and silver), sugar paste… you name it, we have it.

2 – Christmas Reindeer Brownies

Christmas is all about kids, right? Here’s something fun that will definitely catch their eye and have them begging their parents for more: Christmas Reindeer Brownies! Use our American brownies mix, cut them into triangles, add a small cookie for the nose, chocolate for the ears, sugar paste for the eyes and voila! Easy peasy.

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3 – (Christmas) Cookies

Ok, ok, it doesn’t really have a festive ring to it when we say cookies but pair it with the word Christmas plus fancy add-ons and decorations and you’ll get the perfect “hostess gift.” You can use our plain cookie mix and make it your own. White chocolate, pistachio and cranberries are not only a great combination taste-wise but the green and red combo definitely give them a Christmas feel. You can also choose to keep the cookie base simple and go nuts on the decor. You’ll be amazed by what some food colouring and Christmassy cookie cutter can do when you use as base our white sugar paste.

4 – Mango and Passion Fruit Pie

Not everybody likes chocolate! Shocking, right? But you still need to cater for those dessert lovers/chocolate haters. Why not go for something tangy and tropical, nested in a nice and comforting pie crust? We have readily available pie and cake toppings. All you have to do is prepare the pie crust and we’ll do the rest. Why not go full-on tropical and use our mango dessert filling topped with our passion fruit pie and cake toppings? Most definitely the perfect fresh and refreshing summertime dessert.

5 – No Bake Cheesecake

Speaking of fresh and refreshing, what about a no-bake cheesecake? That’s definitely also a winner. Plus, since it’s a no-bake, it doesn’t require much preparation other than resting time. And if you want to make it extra special, add one of our cake and pie toppings and you have a delicious and fresh dessert perfect for the Mauritian white Christmas.