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Try before you buy – Our laboratory at your service

Pastry chefs, bakers, and all of you who form part of this fascinating but demanding world of the food business, you know one thing for sure. It’s no piece of cake. It requires time and effort to create good products and to offer variety. Because your time is precious, we propose a selection of ready-to-use bakery and pastry mixes that will allow you to create beautiful and (very) scrumptious products in no time. We even suggest you come and test them in our laboratory, to be 100% satisfied and convinced. Are you hungry for more? Here’s the offer on the table…

Let’s change the rules of the game!

Our selection of products has been designed to meet all your needs and allows you to save a lot of time, so you can give your pastries and cakes the hand-finished touch they deserve. 

Bakery Mixes

From raw materials such as improvers or instant dry yeast to a selection of essential premixes for everyday bread making, we offer everything you need to fill your shelves with bread of all kinds. From sunflower seed bread mix to rustic bread and gluten-free flour, we also offer mixes that will allow you to obtain an unparalleled quality for your finished products.

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Pastry Mixes

Our pastries, mousses and desserts mixes will allow you to create a gourmet selection ranging from sponge cake to red velvet, chocolate or strawberry mousse and pastry creams. We also offer all fruit fillings and toppings, icings and sugar pastes, not to mention delectable chocolate in all its forms, to create your most luscious masterpieces.

Complementary ingredients

Almonds, dyes, sliced fruits, salt, gelatine or tomatoes for pizzas, when it comes to complementary ingredients, we’ve got all the essentials you need to the make of your most finger-licking recipes.

At your service!

Have you ever heard the French saying “to try it is to adopt it”? Well, we totally believe so. That’s why we suggest you try our products in our brand-new lab in our brand-new building “The Bake House” which brings together all of our services and sister companies, such as La Boutique Gourmande, Fornax and Dough Rae Me.

Bakery and pastry are our passion. It’s a world that we know like the back of our hand. We are happy to put our experience and expertise at your service by accompanying you in the development of your recipes using our ingredients until you obtain a perfect finished product. Learn the Chef’s tricks and techniques on how to use our products to your advantage to create even more appetizing treats to your customers. All the ingredients you need to brew success!

It is important for us to show you how our products can make your life much simpler while allowing you to impress your customers over and over again. After all, that’s why we created our lab! Contact us ASAP to book your trial run!

The Bake House, Morcellement Rose Highland, Valentina, Phoenix. Phone: 6601212 | 6601213.