UNOX Ovens – Among The Best Value For Money For Small To Medium Production Units

In our tireless quest to always be up to date with the latest developments in professional baking equipment and tools, we bring you BakerLux™ and LineMiss™ by UNOX, the quintessence of “Made in Italy”. State-of-the-art technology combined with simplicity, UNOX ovens symbolize the features and performance of the ideal oven that will integrate seamlessly with your other baking equipment.


UNOX ovens are the choice of top chefs

UNOX ovens are the choice of top chefs not just for their excellent durability even in the most demanding conditions. As a matter of fact, these ovens are packed with the most advanced features, offering professional chefs everything they can possibly expect from a baking oven. Also, with simplicity in mind coupled with consistent research and innovation, UNOX created cutting edge technologies to enhance the quality of its user’s baking process. Here is a short presentation of our favourite ones, the BakerLux™ XB893, the Linemiss™ XFT193 and finally, the LineMicro™ XF023.



Advanced functionalities, yet so simple to use

BakerLux™ XB893: The perfect pairing of efficiency and essentiality.

Availing itself of the most innovative UNOX technologies, the BAKERLUX™ ovens never fail to deliver flawless results. AIR.Plus ensures excellent temperature stability guaranteeing maximum cooking uniformity in any load condition Also, other factors that interact with baking process like humidity are smartly controlled by the integrated STEAM.Plus and DRY.Plus systems. The results: soft and fragrant baked products!


Additional characteristics:

  • 10 Trays x 600x400mm
  • Electric or gas options are available
  • Convection cooking 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Multiple fans with reversing gears for even & efficient baking
  • Convection cooking + Humidity 48 °C – 260 °C
  • Maximum pre-heating temperature 260° C
  • Door opens right to left
  • Dimensions: 860x882x930


Linemiss™ XFT193: Baking Perfection. Every Time.

Perfect for baking bread and frozen pastries, LineMiss™ presents itself in a practical compact format. But don’t be fooled by its small size, it can perform equally well as a large oven! It also boasts many of the UNOX technologies.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 Trays x 600x400mm
  • Electric options are available
  • Convection cooking 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Convection cooking + Humidity 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Maximum pre-heating temperature 260 °C
  • Door opening options: top to bottom, left to right and right to left.
  • Dimensions (mm) 800x774x509



UNOX ovens will integrate seamlessly with your other baking equipment.

LineMicro™ XF023: Just the right size!

Despite being a compact oven, LineMicro™ promises excellent quality and uniformity in baking. Designed specifically for undemanding pastry and baking processes, it unfailingly adds an excellent golden colour to frozen products and baked goods.
Loaded with a profusion of convenient features, it always meets the needs of both the cooking professional and the home baker.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 Trays x 460 x 330 mm
  • Rounded baking chamber made of high resistant ferritic steel for hygiene and ease of cleaning
  • Baking chamber lights
  • Light-weight


Want to see them in action?

We’ll be happy to welcome you for a try-out of our products and see for yourself how supremely functional they are!