When the outside says as much as the inside!

As pastry professionals, you all know that a cake would not be complete without its colourful, moist and sweet counterparts which constitute the fillings, frostings, toppings, glazings and of course the icings. Indeed, how could your clients possibly imagine their decadent doughnut without its glossy chocolate glaze drizzled on top or even worst, their favourite Red Velvet cake without its scrumptious cream cheese icing which makes it the cake that it is? For most of them, the answer would most probably be: absolutely not!

These little add-ons, which are finally not that little, should not be overlooked as they can add an extra boost to your pastry creations by not only providing an attractive, professional-looking finish to your baking products but also by adding moisture and a delicious creamy or fruity sweetness to them. They represent that sprinkle of ‘pizzazz’ that dresses your cakes and pastries into the best they can be and without sounding too cliché, they are, after all, the icing on the cake!

We got you covered inside and outside with our large selection of made easy fillings, frostings, toppings and icings, because, well, they are already made and ready to impress. Made from high-quality raw materials, they have been carefully selected to help you create unique, authentic and delicious products. Here they are:

Fillings and Toppings

Being that thick mixture used between the layers of cake, fillings have the advantage of being flavoured to fit your creative vision and can include other treats such as nuts or chocolate chips and even fruits that you will find among our additional pastry ingredients. On our dessert fillings menu, we offer different flavours including caramel, cherry, chocolate, mango and strawberry, all available in bulks of 1 kilo. To give you more margins to experiment, we also have some amazing mousse and dessert mixes, which include cold or hot pastry cream, and custard mixes for your delicious cream pies or muffins.  These mixes are available in 5 and 20 kg except for the hot pastry cream, which is in 10 kg packaging minimum.

In the Pie and Cake Toppings department, we have a wide variety of fillings containing real pieces of fruits such as blueberries, black cherries, red cherries, strawberries, kiwis, passion fruit, raspberries all available in bulk between 2.7 kilos to 6 kilos packaging, depending on the fruits.

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Icings and Frostings

Icings are very popular in the pastry world and are usually used on loads of pastries, rolls, and coffee cakes or just on simple cakes. From our apricot flavoured glaze (6 kg) to our white fondant (15 kg) and our sugar pastes available in red, black and white (between 1-3 kg), you will be ready for any celebratory occasions.

Used to cover cakes, frostings and glazes are great for decorating. We are pleased to offer different flavours and colours available in 5kg formats, ranging from neutral, white, gold, silver to chocolate.
Because we don’t underestimate the power of first impressions, we provided you with some of the essential elements that will make your cakes and pastries look as good as they taste.