Your Baking Success Begins With High Performing Yeast

We have established our reputation along the years thanks to the excellence of our service, the quality of our relationship with our customers and our broad product portfolio comprising only of world-famous brands. AB Mauri, one of the global leaders in the manufacturing and supply of Mauripan Yeast, is one of them.

Introducing the Mauripan High Activity Instant Dry Yeast!

Mauripan High Activity Instant Dry Yeast has gained the heart of bread bakers around the world because of its outstanding quality and consistent activity levels. And now we are proud to bring you this surprising product and have no doubt that it will become your best choice and secret weapon for all-around baking on the first try itself!

How is it different and why do professional bakers value it so much?

Mauripan High Activity Instant Dry Yeast, also known as Rapid Rise Yeast boasts numerous advantages. Long shelf life at room temperature, no prior rehydration required, and fast acting are among the most notable ones. In addition to those, with a relatively small dose, you end up with a huge number of loaves. These qualities definitely make it an overall winner and a trustworthy workhorse in the baking industry.

A deeper look into its features… 

Our Mauripan High Activity Instant Dry Yeast offers better performance for doughs containing 10% sugar or less. It is ideal for staple breads in which it brings out finer taste.

Additional product features:

  • Doesn’t require reinitializing of the fermentative activity.
  • Has a shelf life of two years at room temperature.
  • Improve texture and enhance taste.
  • For making all kinds of bread, incl. frozen dough.
  • Available in crate boxes of 10 kg or sealed packages of 500g.
  • Packaged into foil vacuum packs therefore no need for refrigeration.
  • Best performance for HS dough (Sugar>10%).
  • Best performance for LS dough (Sugar<10%).


High quality, consistent performance and favoured by many veteran bakers around the world… why not make it the yeast you can’t bake without too?